The page, which will be updated regularly, contains tidbits of love and wisdom communicated through Little Luke John Hooker, shortly before his untimely death at the age of four from metastatic liver cancer. His family and friends have gratefully accepted many of his mature and wise comments as "kisses from heaven"...


 One day, Luke and mommy were playing the game "toll booth". He was the "toll man", and I was, uh, well, the "car". When I got to the booth, he said with authority, "You may not cross unless you know my answer!" (I tried to look intimidated and scared.) "What is this?" he questioned sternly, holding up a picture of a heart.

"Umm... a heart?" I asked with uncertainty.

"Correct!" he said enthusiastically, then continued, "And what are hearts good for?"

"Suffering?" I proposed, hoping to be wrong.

"NO! Hearts are good for LOVE! And unless you know MY ANSWER, you may NOT cross to the other side!" We repeated this game over and over, until I finally learned "HIS ANSWER", that hearts are good for LOVE. Only then was I allowed to "cross to the other side"...

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